Please name your application

1. To check and see if the application will work well in vertical and horizontal view check the following:

2. If you are using a SD card in your device:

3. Field validation:

4. Check that the application displays and clearly communicates if:

5. If your application uses GPS or a camera and you are testing on iOS or Android 6+ while using the application:

6. Buttons:

7. Check how the application will behave when:

8. If your application allows you to upload photo or text files:

9. If your application requires a fixed Internet connection:

10. Text Fields (Input):

11. Push notifications: See how your application will behave when a notification pops up:

12. If your application uses the device’s camera:

13. If you application uses the current time:

14. If your application has the ability to change languages:

15. If the application requires you to login, do so, then force kill it, restart it and check the results

16. Remember to check this!

17. And this ;)

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